Easter Eggs Everywhere!

In the past couple of years, I have not had a chance to dye/decorate Easter eggs, and I always want to! This year, I got two opportunities, which made me quite happy.

The first was through work – we held a decorating contest, and while I didn’t have a lot of time to prep my entries, I had fun doing it, and even more fun seeing what some other co-workers came up with! People went all out; I was certainly impressed.

Designer Louis Vuitton eggs …

Bumblebee egg…

An Octomom egg… people had great ideas!

My submissions were only ok, but at least I participated!

Needless to say, I didn’t win the competition at work, but I was given a second chance to redeem myself. Dan planned a spectacular date night for us that included sushi, egg-decorating and wine. Hooray!

None of our sushi rolls were disappointing this time, thankfully. Our favorite was called the “Chicago Roll” – yum!

The wine was delicious, but also wonderful because it reminded us of our favorite pet!

It was the perfect sushi complement.

The eggs, of course, were the main event, even if they weren’t the main course. Dan had decided that we would come up with inspiration for each other’s eggs. We wrote down people we liked, brands we support and things we like to do together. Then we drew slips of paper at random and had to decorate our eggs according to the other person’s tastes. As a whole, it was a great success! We got our colors ready…

And got to work!

I love watching the colors soak into each egg:

As usual, due to his creativity, Dan’s eggs turned out much better than mine, but the activity was one of the funnest date nights we’ve had so far!

One of the brands that I chose, that I support, is Apple (I’ve been jonesing for an iPad lately 🙂 ) so Dan’s egg representing that turned out REALLY well:

I love the apps! So amazing. One of mine that turned out decently was this one:

Dan wrote that one of his favorite activities to do with me was watching Mad Men. I was going for a representation of one of our least favorite characters that always wears a blue suit. This is the Pete Campbell egg, and Dan loved smashing the shell to consume the egg.

This egg was another that Dan made for me. I chose his sister, Kristyn as one of my favorite people, and this egg shows a helix to represent his genetic connection to his sister, and is dyed blue, with a label of Depaul on the front to depict her undergrad alma mater.

This was another one of Dan’s. I wrote that I love working out with him, going for runs, hitting up the gym. He used that as an opportunity to re-create my blog header on an egg! How amazing. I have no idea how he draws so well on such a strange surface. All of my attempts at drawing were subpar. Two examples are below:

Dan chose LEGO as one of his favorite brands. This was my feeble attempt to display that.

One of the people that Dan chose for me to portray was Patrick Swayze. Because I didn’t think I’d be able to do his likeness justice, I chose a symbol of one of his most favorite movies – Ghost! No idea why I chose pink as the background color, though, that seems ill-fitting.

Congratulations, Dan, on one of the best date nights I could have asked for, and so seasonally appropriate!

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