A quick snack

Yesterday, we took advantage of a free Saturday. We cleaned our apartment, went grocery shopping for Easter Sunday appetizers and hit up the gym. It was my first day back in the gym after running the 5k. Other than completing a round of Jillian Michaels’ No More Trouble Zones on Wednesday, it was my only workout during this recovery week. I was letting my heel heal completely, ensuring all the pain was gone before testing it again. Today I was feeling great, so I hit up the treadmill for a run. I was only planning to do 2 miles – I wanted to keep it relatively light to prevent any injury and build back up to my distances of last week. As usual, however, once I got started, I didn’t want to stop! I ran a 5k on the treadmill, and ended with some uphill walking. While I waited for Dan to finish, I churned out 10 minutes on the Arc Trainer as well.

Once we were both sufficiently worked out, we decided we needed a bit of a snack to tide us over before heading out. While we were at the grocery store, we had noticed a sale they were running on Calamari and decided to try our hand at grilling it.

It looked very slimy and smelled very fishy as Dan cut it up and prepared it for the grill:

I absolutely forgot to take a picture after the grillin’ was done, but rest assured that these turned out WONDERFULLY! What a great snack 🙂

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