Easter Excitement!

More than most Easters, this one was FILLED with fun and exciting surprises. On Sunday morning, I woke up to the best possible news – my best friend, Andrea, is ENGAGED! We had been hanging out with her and her fiance, Kris, the night before at one of our favorite hangouts, Top Golf:

And only hours later, Kris surprised her with an Easter Egg fulla BLING! Congratulations to them!

Next on our list was to prep the appetizer we planned to bring to my parents’ Easter celebration. They invited Dan and I plus Dan’s parents to share the holiday. We offered to make stuffed mushroom caps, and found a recipe that was very easy and tasty here. You basically just prep your caps by wiping them off and slipping them into a pan with olive oil to saute them:

We prepped our “stuffing” by chopping up green peppers and onions, then throwing them in the same saute pan we used for the ‘shrooms. Then we took the cooked goodies and mixed them with olives in our food processor. This whole mess combines with the ricotta and gets spooned into your caps. Then, to complete the process, you top everything with some salt and Parmesan, and bake for 10 minutes on 350 degrees. We did the baking at my parents’ house to ensure they were piping hot for consumption.

Meanwhile, being the good mom pet owner that I am, I was preparing the festivities for Penny. She got a lovely Easter basket:

Once we got to my parents’ house, I also set her up with an Easter egg hunt – it kept her busy for a long time!

Once she found all two dozen eggs, she was in serious need of a nap:

While she snoozed, we started in on Dan’s and my other addition to the party – the drinks!

It’s called a “Clear Conscience,” and Dan and I tried them for the first time on our honeymoon trip to Napa, and got hooked! They consist of vodka, ginger ale, muddled cucumbers and oranges and a bit of ground ginger. They are delicious, light and refreshing! Everyone enjoyed them mightily while we snacked on the appetizers (aka: Meal 1!)

Our mushrooms, which turned out well and were gone in no time!

Shrimp Cocktail…

One of Jackie (Dan’s mom)’s staples: pumpernickel with cream cheese and cucumber plus dill – yum!

Mini Reubens! These were gone pretty quickly too 🙂

To work off the first meal and prepare for the second, we played some Wii bowling and chatted in the kitchen. It was a great time with a wonderful family!

That’s right – Penny made it up from her nap in time to help cook the second meal. She’s such a trooper when it comes to food. And what a feast we had.

The main event was a pork roast:

Add in some veggies (rutabaga and carrots plus green beans and a salad), starch (cheesy potatoes) …

Not to mention some appropriately paired wines – a white and a red so everyone has a choice:

Of course, given the nature of the holiday, we ended with several forms of sweets:

One of the sweetest ends to the evening, however, was the Blackhawks win in OVERTIME, taking them to Game 7 against Vancouver in the playoffs. Woo hoo! Happy Easter!

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