Smitten with the Raindrops

Yes, it’s been raining all week in Chicago. On one hand, it’s dreary and “depressing.” On another, there are a lot of reasons to adore the frightful weather. I’ll even share a few with you:

1. It makes whatever music you’re listening to infinitely more enjoyable. Mumford and Sons on the car ride to work and a lovely Pandora station comprised of all the best bands announced for 2011 Lollapalooza.

2. Being at work isn’t really a sacrifice. It would be nice to curl up on the couch with an Audrey Hepburn marathon, but at least work doesn’t mean missing out on prime frolicking time.

3. Running in the rain, assuming that the temperatures aren’t frigid, is a wonderfully pleasant experience. If you don’t have a waterproof anorak to zip up over your other running attire, I highly recommend getting Dan to pick one up for you. My little Columbia number worked wonders during the Race to Wrigley 5k:

4. It invites cozy eats and drinks. Ie: Hot Chocolate, Tea, Coffee, Wine (always!), popcorn, and this beaut, like we had for breakfast this morning:

Cheers to all this rain!

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