Inside Out Bean Burgers

Right down the street from my office, there is this amazeballs burger joint, Hackney’s. At this point, they are a “chain” and are all over the Chicagoland area, but that does NOT make their burgers any less enjoyable, I assure you. One of their major claims to fame is the inside out burger – it looks like the below:

The beef patties are stuffed with cheese and bacon. They are absolutely heavenly. Though every time I take one down, I feel like a pile of bricks. So, Dan and I decided to make our own low-cal, veggie version, using black beans and Ricotta! With a little help from the food processor (and our friends), they turned out awesome!

Looks delish, no? We added some necessary veggie accoutrements and piled it all on top of the whole wheat bread we love and adore. Another successful dinner staple achieved!

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