What looks really gross …

But tasted like heaven?

My lunch!

Wanna know what’s in it? Ready?

1. Spinach
2. Quinoa
3. Red Potatoes (steamed using my RICE COOKER)
4. One hard boiled egg (that used to look like this)
5. Cucumber
6.  Feta Cheese (one of my newest obsessions)
7. “Dressing” – which is actually Dijon Mustard mixed with Sriracha

Didn’t get a close enough look the first time?

Must’ve been the kind of day just ripe for perfect combinations because I also managed to score one of these:

Yes, this IS Mounds flavored frozen yogurt with dark chocolate chips. No words can even describe the hit the spottedness of this icy treat. Well … no real words anyway.

Sorry about the absence – awesome/crazy weekend – recap coming up shortly.

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