Wicked Weekend Wecap

Yup. Poetic license, baby. Totally allows me to make up words like “wecap” in order to achieve the perfect alliteration. **Full Disclosure** The weekend wasn’t wicked either, so this post’s title is just a sham all around.

On with this past weekend’s festivities! I had two wonderful college friends in town, so of course we kicked off our Friday evening with a couple of adult beverages (Skinny Girl Margarita!) and Dan’s amazing TURKEY BURGERS:

Ricotta, Roasted Red Peppers, Avocado and mustard on what seem to be the best rolls I’ve ever tasted in my life. We needed our fuel because we were headed out that night to celebrate ANDREA and KRIS … and their engagement!!! So much fun:

We went bowling and trouble-making with all of Andrea and Kris’ closest friends. We are all so excited to celebrate their wonderful news. We stayed out VERY late (for this old lady, anyway), so I was extra glad I got a little chance to sleep in on Saturday morning. Upon waking up, I went for a breezy (literally … one of the WINDIEST trips ever) run – it ended up being a little over 3 miles as I struggled uphill on a trail near our house against the wind. I made it back, safe and sound, fortunately, just in time to head back out again with Anna and Laura! Anna had used Yelp and other research devices to find a new restaurant in Chicago that I had coincidentally been dying to try – Frontier. We met up with some other friends there and had a great time, trying several things on the extremely diverse and unusual menu.

As someone in our group pointed out, the fact that there was an animal on the menu really boded well for the meal. We were waiting for a few people to arrive so we ordered:


DuckTacoOysterDeviledEggFrenchFried GOODNESS.

I definitely enjoyed the oysters, particularly the one that was the size of a baby rabbit:

Speaking of rabbit … that’s what I had for dinner! I’d never tasted this particular animal before, but it came with sides of Succotash and Fingerling Potatoes, so I was definitely on board, especially once I heard about the Blackberry BBQ sauce on top. It did not disappoint:

Other people at the table ordered a variety of amazing sounding food including a pulled Boar sandwich. Also on the menu is an option to get a “whole animal meal” for a party of people. We already decided we’d be back for this! Another great part of this place was all the wonderful beer on tap, including my favorite goose …

Goose Island – and plenty of it! We had a couple drinks here, but afterward, Laura, Anna and I headed out to a Lincoln Park bar for a few drinks. Unfortunately, I spilled a couple on them too!

Luckily, I’m pretty sure they forgave me and ended up having a good time.

After my girls headed out on Sunday, I rested up for QUITE a while before hitting the gym for an easy 45 minutes on the Arc Trainer.

What a great weekend!

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