Sights Unseen

If you gotta problem, yo I’ll solve it. Check out the hook while the DJ revolves it:

We are family ...

I’d like to dedicate this picture to Dan, who is the only one to ever figure out how to use the timer button on my camera. Kudos, husband.

In honor of this dedication, I’ll share with you Dan’s representation of “Cinco de Mayo.” Get it? Don’t worry, neither did anyone else until Dan explained it at least seven times. Unfortunately, by that time, we had all stopped listening. But isn’t he attractive?

Oh, my little Penster. How you love chewing mindlessly on these giant bones of rawhide. And how I enjoy the fact that they come in five packs for ten bucks.

Penny gets a little extra shout-out this week because I will be without her for EIGHT DAYS! That’s right, she’s headed out on spring break, to a horse farm in Virginia. You might wonder, but Molly, why does the dog get spring break and you and Dan don’t? The answer is simple: we’re not made of money and apparently if someone in the family luxuriates in a trip, it’s going to be the dog.

Another shout-out to my girl Kat. She’s had a big month. Engagement, graduation (from pharmacy school – she’s wicked smaht), moving to PHOENIX?! Unacceptable. I’m pretty sure all of this is just a ploy for attention from her. I can’t take all the excitement!

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