Recent Events

These past few weeks have been INSANE! There is so much going on and I have been wanting to blog about it, but honestly just haven’t had the time yet! Today, amidst the piles of laundry I am conquering, I will attempt to catch up.

1. Cinco de Mayo: Because we have established a two-year long “tradition” of celebrating this holiday with Andrea and Kris, we did not want to miss out this year, ESPECIALLY because they may not be able to make it in to see us for this special day next year, after they move (insert frowny face here). We all got together at Andrea and Kris’ place. I was instructed to bring margaritas and taco shells, and Kris would make guacamole and taco fillings. We did our part, and enjoyed several cocktails plus the best guacamole, hands down. We all looked awkwardly around, wondering when an appropriate time to bring up dinner would be. Come to find out that Andrea, in her haste to plan the evening, had forgotten to ask anyone to get some meat, mushrooms, SOMETHING! So, the boys ran out to retrieve this essential ingredient, and the party was saved. We played Wii, Guitar Hero, Rock Band, the works. We even watched Three Amigos in honor of the holiday. We stayed up way too late and had fun with some of the best friends I’ve ever known:

On Friday night, Dan and I had big plans to go running after work since the weather is finally cooperating for some pleasant outdoor running. When I finally got home from work, however, we didn’t feel like doing anything aside from ordering some wonderful sushi, drinking some Pinot Noir and watching not one, but two disks of Mad Men. Pure bliss.

On Saturday morning, we woke up early to head to the gym, where I took on 1.5 miles on the treadmill, 25 minutes on the Arc Trainer and 10 minutes on the Stair Master. When we arrived home, we showered, hit the road, stopped at Whole Foods on the way (turkey and Brie sandwich = BLISS), and landed at a family event. We went to support Judy and Jim in their event to raise awareness about SIDS in honor of their daughter, Jorie, who we miss every minute of every day. We played bags, saw some ridiculous reptiles and tried our hand at the raffle! Then we were on the road again to celebrate the graduation of our amazing friend Kat from pharmacy school. The party included AMAZING meatballs, wonderful homemade cupcakes, and interesting alcohol selections from Kat’s Slovakian homeland.

Everyone had a good time with the honoree of the party, and then we all headed out to a local bar for a bit of a “going-away” party for not only Kat, but Brian as well. We gave them quite the send-off, and I only shed a few tears because it is more likely than not – the last time we will see them before they leave for Phoenix. We celebrate your successes, but will miss you so much.

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