Warm Weather Grillin’!

Hello to spring, finally! Yesterday after work, the conditions were perfect for a run with Dan. We set out, with Dan leading the way, which turned out to be a mistake. He led us up STEEP hills against the suddenly strong wind and around loop-de-loops I didn’t even know existed in our neighborhood! It was a good run though – almost 3 miles, and by the end, we both felt terrific. To celebrate, I allowed him to cook dinner and he chose to make more TURKEY BURGERS! I made several suggestions about toppings, but he reassured me that he would handle everything. As usual, he did not disappoint.

He switched things up by adding EGGPLANT to the mix. How’s that for a curveball? I, for one, enjoyed it immensely and would welcome its return in future burger situations.

Tonight when I got home from work, it was HOT. To be honest, by the time I would have gotten dressed and ready to go for a run, which is what I planned to do, I’m sure the temperature would have been perfect. But! I made the mistake of sitting down on the couch to talk to Dan first. Motivation rushed out the window and when the smell of our neighbor’s burgers wafted through our open screen door … we knew we needed to fire up our grill. All thoughts of exercise rushed out of my head except for the sprint to the grocery store. We bought all the necessary supplies, and then threw it all on the grill. While we waited for it all to cook, we occupied ourselves in accordance with the season:

Finally, the smell of our dinner overpowered our whole neighborhood (and hopefully encouraged several more people to run to the store to get their own grillables) and it came out deeeeeelish.

Chicken, veggies, goat cheese and a side of Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy! Now time to read my book and go to bed so I can get up early and work out in the morning 🙂

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