Bostonian Eats

Of course, while in Boston, we did more than just drink beer. We ate too!

Our first stop was lunch on Friday at Kristyn’s favorite sushi joint. She recommended this cucumber roll, and as promised, it was refreshing and surprising. After we split that, I ordered the Super Dragon roll … mostly because it had sweet potatoes in it. My first sushi roll ever with that particular ingredient:

Of course, we needed something a little sweeter to take the edge off of our protein-infused meal, and luckily this is the sight that greeted us as we strolled down the street:

Dan and Kristyn had a little trouble deciding which of the flavors to venture into:

After much internal debate, we unanimously decided on the salted caramel. I’m sad to tell you, folks, that it was a bust. Too much salt, not nearly enough caramel. I’ve come to learn that most desserts I eat are disappointing. I know there’s about eight million folks out there that disagree with me, but give me a glass of wine for my calories any day.

More on this foodie adventure later …

2 thoughts on “Bostonian Eats

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