Living the Blog

Obviously there’s been a bit of inconsistency in my posting habits this week, but with good cause. I’ve actually been living the tenets of my blog. After our trip to Boston, it’s been a crazy week (and the next one will only be worse), so my workout schedule has shifted to mostly evenings, and of course, there’s no way I can work out, make dinner AND blog. What am I? Some kind of super hero? As has partially been shown (and will continue to be), our trip to Boston was fabulously indulgent, so I’ve been quite dogged about workouts. Assuming I get my butt to the gym this morning as planned, I will have worked out five days in a row this week, something that I’m just not sure has ever happened before. Must have something to do with the rapture. Here’s how I got back on the horse.

1. Tuesday: After a late night on Sunday of arriving at the airport, being reunited with Penny and getting ready for the week, I definitely did not set my alarm for an early morning workout on Monday. That evening, I had a very sad farewell dinner with the ladies to send Kat off in style. So finally, after a very busy day at work on Tuesday, I felt like face-planting on to the couch afterward, but instead, took advantage of the VERY nice weather – a little windy, but the perfect 65 degree temperature – and went on a run. I headed out to the trail by our house and clocked in almost four miles. One of the best runs I have had to date.

2. Wednesday: Time to mix it up. I recently ordered a bunch of fitness DVD’s from Amazon (which, by the way, almost everyone I have spoken to about my addiction to fitness DVD’s has scoffed or judged, but I’m here to tell you that they are the JAM). The one I chose for this workout was particularly challenging, interesting and motivational. It was a combination of boxing and ballet from Aero Barre. Very different from all the celebrity DVD’s – more salt of the earth and definitely right up my ally. Highly recommend, especially if you’ve ever been a dancer or enjoy the occasional kick boxing class (both of which pertain to me – apparently the target audience):

My back and arms hurt so good for a couple of days after that bad boy.

3. Thursday: FINALLY the motivation and sleep schedule align to allow for a morning workout. Excited just to be up at the 5:30 hour, I jumped from cardio machine to cardio machine … starting with the bike, where I caught up on the New Yorker, which always leads to perplexed staring from the meatheads at the gym. Arc Trainer, treadmill, elliptical, Stair Master … I saw them all – and finished with a set of planks and Mountain Climbers in the studio. It felt so good to be back in that routine that I definitely stayed too long and had to rush through my getting-ready routine after to avoid being late for work. Oops.

4. Friday: In which I attempt (again) to teach Penny how to run. It didn’t go well, though at least this time I didn’t end up on crutches. I mapped out a two mile run for us, and she used up most of her steam in the first tenth of a mile. She’s not good at pacing herself, so by the end, she was lagging, tongue practically on the sidewalk, even limping a little, which I’m sure made everyone we passed think that I was some kind of animal torturer, forcing my innocent puppy to exercise with me. It was all for show, though. By the time I got out of the shower after a sweaty run, she was zooming around the living room, looking for some mischief to get into.

5. Saturday: Time to hit the gym!

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