Secrets and Lies

Lie: Yesterday, I claimed that I would keep up my working out streak by hitting up the gym. Not true. Instead, Dan and I took advantage of the warm, but not too sunny weather to play tennis! We are both terrible, but it’s fun and I’m pretty sure that we get a better workout chasing after the errant tennis balls that fly all over the court than we would if actual skill was involved. Penny had a good time too, romping around and helping to fetch the results of crazy serves.

I made it to the gym today though! I warmed up with 20 minutes on the Arc Trainer, did some pullups and tricep dips, plus a crazy DIY circuit that involved the Bosu Ball, 10 pound dumbbells, lunges, squats, planks, Mountain Climbers and other unnamed shenanigans.

Secret: I find it so much easier to stay active in the warm weather months. Going to the gym this morning, I was pumped by the fact that I was sweating after the walk from the car. I suppose this is a pretty common sentiment, but I am really excited that time of year has finally arrived after what seemed like a VERY long winter. If I were ever to move to a warm climate, I would be in the best shape ever.

Last night was Dan’s and my monthly date night. We take turns planning nights out on the town for each other, and this month, it was my turn! I planned a couple of events that Dan had been talking about doing that we hadn’t gotten around to.

Lie: Honestly, this date was pure luck. I fell into the plan a bit, but it turned out really well, so I’d really like to say that it was planned ahead of time. Thanks.

We headed to Shedd Aquarium to see the special jellyfish exhibit only there for the month of May:

A family friend was kind enough to get us passes, which helped immensely. On such a nice day in the city, the lines for almost everything were insanely long! Once we got into the exhibit, however, there were tons of really amazing sights to see (though they were a bit difficult to photograph):

We also hung out with some penguins, which made Dan a very happy camper:

After a very entertaining dolphin show, we were starving and ready for the next phase – Revolution Brewing Company! It opened about a year and a half ago, and knowing Dan’s love for experimenting with beer, it seemed like the perfect destination. We started with their version of pork and beans, which included fried oysters, pork belly and an egg! So amazing.

We both had burgers, but I think mine was the best. It was called the “Forest Burger,” which came with gorgonzola and cremini mushrooms. The hand-cut fries on the side were also pretty tasty.

We tasted several of the beers, and bandied about the idea of bringing home a growler of our favorite IPA, but ended up deciding against it this time. We will be back to this place, for sure.

Another successful date night for the books.

Secret: I like it better when Dan plans date night. Although it’s fun to brainstorm and put the night together, there’s just something wonderful about being surprised every once in a while!

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