Thai this on for size

Recently, I headed out with some girlfriends for dinner at a place I’d never tried, Mai Thai! I love Thai food (read: I love me some good Pad Thai), but it’s just not the kind of food I ever think about going to get for myself. So I was more than happy to be given the push I needed to try something new. The extensive menu intrigued my taste buds, but as is usually the case when I’m out to eat with friends, I didn’t get a chance to peruse the options with the appropriate diligence, so I selected something with an ingredient I am very favorably acquainted with – jalapeno! There was a jalapeno curry on the menu! To the slight eye roll and brow raise of the server, I asked “Is this going to be too hot for me to handle?” He refused to reassure me, claiming that everyone’s taste buds are different, but I forged ahead anyway and did not look back. Spice level? Perfect. Clear, glassy noodles? Delicious. Thai Food Win? You bet.

I’m quite sure that in many cultures, chunks of jalapeno are a sign that you’ve reached heaven/nirvana.

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