This is why I married him.

I’ve kept it no secret on this blog that when it comes to the kitchen, Dan definitely knows his way around. It’s almost a bad thing for me, because as a result, I don’t cook as much, and in my spoiled state, sometimes resort to eating crackers and hummus for dinner if he isn’t around. It is a great thing, however, for my taste buds. And also, now that we’re married, it’s sort of a joint talent. As in, “Here, Mom and Dad, Dan and I cooked you dinner.” Even if all I did was set the table. Here is a recent display of his unending ability to make things even more delicious than they were before.

He knows not to make a meal without a potato product in it while I’m around. He spiced things up with the addition of another favorite, artichokes!

Garlic Toast …. check.

Fish dressed up with spinach and olives.

And perhaps the cherry on top of it all … with green beans mixed in.


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