Sights Unseen

I will admit (sadly) that I have been a negligent picture snapper lately. Badly done. So, some of these pictures are not really that recent. But they all promise to be entertaining 🙂 Happy Friday!

Dan and I love Vegas – we’ve been there together three times! This picture was taken during our first trip, in front of the Bellagio. Let’s go there now!

This was the first week we had Penny. She was such a little troublemaker! She still is, actually.

This is a picture from my friend Laura’s wedding a couple of years ago. Dan was in the wedding, as was Kat, so Brian and I were sort of “dates” for the evening. Those two haven’t even been gone that long, and I miss them already.

Speaking of missing … Titan! Sniff. Love you, buddy!

To end things on a positive, forward-thinking note – so excited about Andrea’s wedding (even though it’s still more than a year away). Courtney and I are honored to fill the role of Andrea’s Maids (Matrons – ugh, I hate that word!) of Honor. We love you!

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