I like stuff.

The other day, Dan and I got into what may be the most ridiculous argument we have ever engaged in. That is to say, I got upset about the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever gotten upset about, and Dan tolerated it with patience and honor, as usual.

I was getting ready for a work business meeting, and decided to wear a white button down shirt. I wore a tank top underneath so I had the top and two bottom buttons undone to create more of a flared effect. When I was ready to go, I presented myself to Dan and asked, “How do I look?” He said, “You look great, but you should button one of the bottom buttons.”

Maybe I got up on the wrong side of the bed. Maybe I hadn’t consumed enough coffee. Whatever the reason, his comment hit me the wrong way. I asked, “Why do you think that looks better? What do you like about it?” He didn’t know! I decided at that moment that I would find a reason for every thing in my life that was important enough to “like.” I figured I would start with my top favorite blogs, since I spend a little time each day reading them. Here they are and why I like them, in no particular order.

1. Peanut Butter Fingers: There’s no question about it – this is my favorite blog of all time. Julie is honest, interesting and hardworking. Many thing about her life remind me of my own which is one of the main factors in my opinion of it , but also, it really motivates me. Julie works out six days a week – gets up early every day before work and keeps her workouts interesting and varied. I consider her a wonderful role model and interesting writer.

2. Sweetie Kiss Pie: Sera posts about a variety of topics  that are interesting and relevant to my life, but the number one reason I love this blog, is because it gives just a hint of her personality. It’s enough to intrigue the reader without giving away the whole shebang. It’s wonderfully crafted.

3. Cassandra Eldridge Photography Blog: Besides being an amazing photographer, Cassie has a creative mind that won’t quit. I’m always amazed at her ponderings, ruminations … and of course, the photographs that accompany them. She never ceases to amaze or surprise me, so I always look to her blog for inspiration and amazement.

4. Kendi Every Day: Kendi’s outfits are just the basis of why I love this blog so much. Her style is very much in line with what I appreciate, and her wardrobe is accessible without being mundane.  Aside from all that, her sense of humor just hits me in the right place every time. She has a snarkiness that never quits and her life is easily related to. I just love her, though I’ve never met her.

5. Running on Happiness: Katie is so upbeat and sunny, you can’t help but love this blog. In addition to her perfectly crafted outfits, her energetic spirit and capricious writing style make reading this blog a new experience each time.

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