Getting back on the weight track

With my minor hand injury preventing me from efficiently lifting weights for a couple of weeks, I decided to use the time to revamp my strength routines. The first thing I did was order a book from Amazon that I’ve heard about through other blogs and people … so I”m pretty excited about that. It hasn’t arrived yet, however, so this morning I went with a substitute that one of my Twitter friends alerted me to – Body For Life!

Last night, I diligently wrote out my planned workout and how many reps I would do of each. Dan took one look and commented that it looked a little ambitious … there were a LOT of exercises on there. This guide suggests splitting up upper and lower body, then splits up upper body even further into major muscle groups, and suggests picking two exercises from each group. Unfortunately, I forgot my piece of paper at home, and had to wing it. I remembered to do my whole workout, and only had to leave one set out because my arms were honestly just exhausted. The end result was …

-12 minutes of Arc Trainer to warm up

-Pull-ups: I did a few sets with about 25 pounds (the difference between the weighted assistance and my weight) and then hiked it up to about 35 pounds. These were a tough way to start my workout for sure. It’s my back of mind goal to be able to do unassisted pullups at some point in the future.

-Tricep Dips: This is the same machine as used above, so the pattern was the same.

-Seated Cable Row: I did a few sets on  70, and then a few on 80. I love this machine.

-Dumbbell Bench Press: I alternated sets of varying length with 10 and 15 pound weights.

-Dumbbell Flyes: Same weights and pattern as Bench Press.

-Seated Dumbbell Press: This is where I really started to get tired. I tried to eek out as many reps as I could with 15 and then make up for it with a whole bunch of 10 pound reps.

-Hammer Curls: I couldn’t do any more 15 pounders. I stuck with 10 all the way on this.

-Bicep Curls: See above.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand….collapse. It was a good thing I wasn’t driving home, because it was quite difficult for me to lift my arms up (still is). I tried to convince Dan to carry my gym bag home, but he just snickered and walked away. Good thing he knows how to cook.

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