Sights Unseen

I’ve decided that because my blog includes “wine” in the title, that definitely allows for a little “whine” every now and then. My whine of the moment is …. drumroll please … tucking things in. It’s too much work, it’s hard to get it just right, and if you drink gallons of water every day, you spend more time in the bathroom straightening out your outfit than anywhere else. Ok, I’m done now. (PS – aren’t you so glad that it’s the 21st century where people like me have an online forum to discuss such momentous issues? I know I am.)

On with the chlorophyll!

Oh, hello, perfect Sunday afternoon. See YOU in a couple of days!

Who had the winning ticket at the racetrack? Not me. I’m pretty sure I cursed the horse I placed my most sure bet on. They had to bring out the big white curtain after he stumbled during the race.

There are THOSE three lovely ladies again! Dress shopping for the glowing bride to be. Oh boy!!!!

Blast from the past! I enjoyed looking through old pictures so much the last time I did this, I figured it was cool to keep an older pic in the rotation. This is from a family wedding in the fall of 2009. Funnily enough, this past week, I was really craving some champagne but didn’t want to open a whole bottle. I wined/whined to Dan – and he remembered that we still had our favor from this wedding – a single serving bottle of champagne! Clutch.

I’m extra psyched this Friday, because I finally got my butt out of bed before work and to the gym, so I am free and clear after 5pm. I hit up the Arc trainer + Home Improvement re-runs to warm-up, and then moved on to total annihilation of my leg muscles. Squats, leg presses, lunges, one-legged lunges, leg extensions, plus some extra ab work was the perfect way to kick off a MUCH NEEDED Friday.

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