Pros and Cons of Cardio Kickboxing

Although I STILL haven’t ventured into any of the classes at my own gym, I love to switch things up with Andrea’s gym, because they have a killer cardio kickboxing class. We haven’t been together in ages, so we decided it was time.

Since it was a Monday night, it was pretty packed, and the instructor gave a nod to the fact that she would try to get us burning as many of those “excess weekend calories” as possible. She was INTENSE. Not annoying, but energetic and motivational. The music was great and the class was terrifyingly difficult. People were mopping up sweat puddles around their areas halfway through, even though no one stopped smiling or dropped the pace. That is one major pro of this class – even when you feel like stopping, the energy of the instructor and the class can keep you going. The con, of course, is that if you are wussing out, everyone can see 🙂

We focused a lot on kicks and legwork, which of course, is always a pro, but given that I did not properly stretch ahead of time … my left hamstring was SCREAMING by the end. I ended up not going full out for the last ten minutes because I was afraid of pulling it. I guess I was still pretty wound up from my last leg workout.

We both ended the class looking like sweaty messes, which we loved. Too bad I can only go with her every two months (due to her gym’s visitor pass policy). I did recently purchase a kickboxing DVD, which I know won’t provide the same experience, but I will have to give it a try and see what happens.

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