Cardio Interval Sandwich

This morning when I woke up, I was STILL sore from kickboxing! I had half-expected it, but was still a little frustrated since it would definitely change/limit what I did for my morning workout, not wanting to overdo it with any of my muscles. I decided to wing it and just listen to my body as I moved through my exercises.

I started with some intervals on the Arc Trainer, using this method of timing from Julie at Peanut Butter Fingers. I sped up and slowed down for a total of about 15 minutes. Then I moved on to test the waters of weights. Here are the exercises I was able to do:

-Dumbbell Bench Press with 15 pound weights

-Lateral Leg Raises on the Bench (an ab exercise Dan is obsessed with)

-Dumbbell Shoulder Press with 15 and then 10 pound weights

-Hammer Bicep Curls with 15 pound weights

Exercises I tried one rep of and gave up because the pain was too great:

-Tricep Rows

-Seated Rows


After my trial and error weights session, I did a LOT of stretching, along with some plank work. I rounded out my very eclectic workout with another interval session, this time on the Stair Stepper. For this I used the 2 minutes slower, 1 minute faster method, increasing my speedy intervals each time. This one was tough and I’m sure the person on the Stairmill next to me loved my panting and dripping sweat as I eeked out 15 minutes here.

I supposed technically this would be a weight sandwich because generally the sandwich is described by the filling, not the substance on the outside. For instance, it’s never a bread sandwich – it’s a tuna sandwich, bologna sandwich, pirate sandwich, whatever. Whatever kind of sandwich my workout was this morning, it left me feeling quite fulfilled and sweaty, which in my mind, is the best way to start any morning.

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