The Luckiest Dads

Obviously, Dad’s Day was last week, but I’m just now getting around to elaborating on the deliciousness that was had in its honor. ‘Cause… that’s how I roll 🙂

As usual, Dan did a lot of the cooking, but at least this time I can proudly say that the vision and conceptualization (these are terms I hear on cooking shows a lot) were mine. I also helped with some of the prep work.

We started the preparations by creating a raspberry “rub” for some beautiful pork chops. They marinated in some spices and berries for a few hours before cook time.

We also prepared some potatoes, which were grilled (in one of the most fabulous devices ever created – a grill basket!) along with some Granny Smith apple wedges.

Dan manned the grill, since I STILL don’t really know how to operate one. That should change, and soon. It’s one of my goals this summer.

We also added a Mediterranean style salad, with cucumbers, tomatoes and a bit of feta cheese. The end result was definitely worthy of the celebration:

The only one who was disappointed was Penny, because no one would give up ANY of their meal to share with her! It was just too good 🙂

Sorry, Penster, but even those puppy dog eyes don’t beat those chops!

I think it’s safe to say that the dads were sufficiently honored on their day.

Now, aren’t you glad I waited to share this post until now? Otherwise it would have gotten swallowed up with all the other Father’s Day posts out there. Our dads deserve special treatment.

I also love that our families love each other so much and that we can celebrate these occasions together. I would hate to have married into a family that couldn’t put up with mine. Love all you guys!

And also, I’m so glad I have someone who takes the reins in the kitchen, even though it often means that he kicks me out. This home cooked meal was way better than having Father’s Day in any restaurant!

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