Hot Lunch

I’ve always preferred eating lunch at home (except when it was french bread pizza day in the cafeteria at elementary school). I like to eat out for breakfast and dinner, but lunch is a meal best served at home. I bring food to work every day, but of course with the transportation factor, my options are somewhat limited. Enter one huge benefit of working at home. Last week, after some severe storms, our office lost power, and all of us were “stuck” working from home. At lunchtime, this meant less turkey sandwich, more creative and diverse!

I created a base of my favorites at the bottom of a bowl: olive hummus, avocado and tomato:

Then I just started throwing things in a pan with some olive oil:

Eggplant, mushroom and kale. Once all of these items were sufficiently browned, I tossed them over my base and sprinkled a bit of cheese and hot sauce on top to complete my beautiful lunch:

Delicious and full of vitamins. Too bad I can’t create a lunch like that for myself every day at work!

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