I never want to eat anything but pork again

Because our friend Dave is one of the luckiest men alive, he has a wife who REALLY knows what he wants. In additions to taking him to the beer festival, she bought him the best present any guy could ask for…

A meat smoker! Dave spent hours researching, devouring every recipe and piece of information he could about smoking meat. And then he picked up 10 pounds of pork shoulder. That’s where the fun really began. He created a mixture to soak it in over night and a rub to create that wonderful crust on the outside. After smoking it for nineish hours, we were ready to rock.

They had also prepared a most unbelievable BBQ sauce to top our sandwiches. They carved the meat and pulled it apart:

Dan made a quinoa salad for some additional vegetables in our meal. The plate was devour-able.

I kept saying “I never want to eat anything but pork again.” It was true, too. I’ve not had such amazing pulled pork since the last time we went to Memphis! I’d like to personally thank Lindsey for being a good wife so that we could have this beautiful meal.

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