The Importance of Being Unpredictable

Because I make an effort to work out 4-6 times a week, I also have to make an effort to switch things up quite frequently, both with my cardio and also with strength training. I recently invested in a new book, “The New Rules of Weight Lifting for Women,” to add diversity. Unfortunately, I have not reached the part in the book just yet where workouts come into play. Soon enough! In the meantime, I’m looking to other resources. Some of my standbys include magazines (Shape, SELF, Women’s Health, Fitness, etc.), other people’s blogs, OR just a quick Google search, which is how I stumbled upon this new gem:! You can enter your criteria for a workout plan (days of the week, core focus, etc.) and a listing of pre-planned workouts comes up, all submitted by real people who swear by them!

I wish I could show you the one that I chose, but unfortunately, I can no longer find it! I decided on a plan that was split – it contained two days of arms, two days of legs. I started it on Sunday, with the arms portion. Unfortunately, due to the fact that my gym has signed up too many people for memberships, most of the stations required by my workout were full! I had to improvise. My arm annihilation ended up being something along these lines:

-Cardio Kickstart – my current project is sprints on the treadmill. I use a fairly simple formula. I run at 6.1 for two minutes, switch to 8.5 for a minute, go back to 6.1/5.8 for two minutes, etc. I do this for approximately 20 minutes and usually am able to fit in just over 2 miles.

-Single arm rows with a 15 pound dumbbell and a stability ball

-Overhead tricep extensions with a 15 pound dumbbell on the stability ball

-Good ‘ol fashioned pushups (girl style. still trying to conquer the beast of real pushups, sadly.)

-Pullups (with the help of the machine)

-Seated Rows (I’m up to being able to do 3 sets of 12 with 85 pounds!)

-planks, a now necessary component of my workouts, complete with mountain climbers on the stability ball (an exercise which I ALWAYS feel people are looking at me and thinking, “I don’t understand how that could possibly be difficult or challenging.”)

Because that’s a whole lot of weight lifting for one post, I’ll leave the legs portion for another time. The pattern for the whole week looks like this:

Sunday: Arms as outlined above

Monday: too sore to move

Tuesday: Legs

Wednesday: CARDIO!!!! I used the treadmill formula, but there was more walking/stretching in the mix because my legs were sore from

Thursday: rest/Yoga/walk the dog/go shopping/dance around my living room

Friday: Back to arms! (hopefully my 5am gym time will make it possible for me to do the originally scheduled routine – does anyone else find it a little silly that I have to go to the gym that early in order to use the equipment I want?)

Saturday: Re-visit the legs workout (it’s been talked about in hushed, reverent tones, but not yet blogged about. It’s that good)

Sunday: Rest. It IS the day of rest. Universally speaking.

Where do you get the inspiration for YOUR workouts? Do you ever get bored with what you’re doing at the gym?







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