A Leg Up

I promised to share my newest leg workout, and today, I will make good on that promise. It would probably be best if I did some research about all the different muscles involved in a lower body workout and then made sure to hit each one in just the correct manner. But – then I’d have perfect legs and nothing to work for. So instead, I just throw some exercises at the wall and see what sticks. Here’s the latest:

-3 sets of 12 leg presses (100 pounds)

-3 sets of 15 squats on the Bosu Ball with 12.5 pound dumbbells

-3 sets of 10 lunges to the front with 12.5 pound dumbbells

-3 sets of 10 side lunges with 12.5 pound dumbbells

-3 sets of 20 hamstring curls with the stability ball

Usually after all this, my legs feel adequately like jelly and I curse myself for buying a car that needs a clutch as I putt my way home. I’ve been wanting to add some other exercises, though, that potentially involve my resistance bands? I always feel like there are fewer choices in the lower body workout than the upper body.

I’ll continue to add more to my arsenal, but this works well for now. I am a very strange cat who actually loves to do squats, so sometimes I add a few extra sets of those in there just for fun.



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