Impromptu Date Night

When I arrived home from work on Friday, Dan had been home all day prepping up a storm. He was certainly ready for my arrival! He had planned a bit of an impromptu date night for us to kick off the weekend.

First he served a couple of beverages (which he very thoughtfully matched to the color of my patriotic nails)

The Magic Hat summer brew was the perfect way to kick off the evening. Then he revealed just a taste of what was to come:

He made a pizza crust to make GRILLED pizza! He also utilized his favorite kitchen tool to create the base – the cast iron skillet.

Seriously, he has talked about opening a restaurant where everything served is prepared using a cast iron skillet. I still have yet to cook anything in this pan – it’s so heavy!

While we were waiting for dinner (the main event!) we noshed on another project Dan had been working on throughout the day. Fresh, homemade, beet root hummus.

We used delicious pieces of naan to scoop up this patriotic appetizer.

Dan disappeared for a while to create his pizza masterpiece. Finally, it was done! He really outdid himself this time … artichokes, tomatoes, goat cheese … all cooked to perfection in a deep dish grill-style pie.

After all the hummus and considering the thickness of the crust, one piece was enough to do me in for the evening.

After dinner, we completed our casually impromptu date night by heading to a close by theater to see Transformers 3!

It was quite fun to see all the scenes filmed in Chicago of course, but I just never get sick of watching the huge robots transform on the big screen (interesting sidenote: when they were filming this movie, our office had a downtown location and we received a notice from the management company alerting us to the fact that there would be gunshots and helicopters during the crew’s stay there. As an afterthought, the note added: “just as a reminder, you won’t be able to see the robots. They aren’t real.” We were really glad for that heads up … saved us a lot of time and energy)

Happy Friday Date Night!

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