Another delightfully barbecued evening

I was lucky enough to have some friends from college in Chicago this past weekend, and because Anna had such a good experience at Frontier the last time we went, we headed back there. It was just as good as we remembered, and featured wonderful BBQ to kick off one of the most appropriately barbecued weekends of the year: Fourth of July!

We consumed some appropriate beverages, including delicious red sangria and various beers.

My dinner was absolutely amazing (no surprise there!) I tried a new menu item they were featuring – an Ahi Tuna sandwich. I also loved that it came with their delicious handcut fries that I know and adore.

It was a delightfully long dinner filled with laughter and wonderful conversation. So glad these girls (and Raul!) could make it to Chicago and that we could hang out.

3 thoughts on “Another delightfully barbecued evening

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