Sights Unseen

Happy Friday! Even though it was a short week, it FELT long, didn’t it?! I am definitely ready for some sun and relaxation this weekend. I think getting just a taste of the summer life at the lake for the Fourth only made me wish more that jobs came with summer vacations. I’ve been blasting my summer mix in the car to and from work every day, so today, we’re blasting the “Beach Party” Pandora station. How will YOU celebrate summer!?

Laura, Dan and Anna rocked out patriotic style. Think they planned that ahead of time?

My mom and I had unintentionally matching dresses as coverups at the lake this weekend. Spooky 🙂

Even though it sadly did not turn out to be a very high quality picture, I had to share this one of Penny doing yoga on my yoga mat. Minutes later she was using it to take a nap. Her meditation techniques must be very effective. I know she’s got the best downward dog in town.

Even though most people think I’m nuts, I truly believe Penny is part human. She is the only one I know who can listen to Dan long after others have stopped listening. Here, I believe he’s explaining his theories on economic recovery to her.


2 thoughts on “Sights Unseen

  1. It did seem like a long week. Might have something to do with a midweek flight….having to wake up at 5AM is never easy!

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