Jackie Warner Girl Crush

Though I generally prefer to workout in the morning, sometimes it doesn’t happen. Whilst I drive home from work, an interesting argument happens in my head where I debate whether or not to exercise when I get home, and once I get past that, I have to resolve other variables. Go to the gym, go for a run, pick a DVD? Strength training, cardio? Short burst or long yoga session? Luckily, I have been building up a wonderful library of DVD’s that provide an array of options for whatever I might be in the mood for. That means no excuses. (Plus, if the diversity of my choices doesn’t convince me, I just text Cassie and she helps me remember why I should work out. Give your body some love!) My most recent foray:

30 minutes of compound exercises that goes through the gamut of muscles. This DVD (much like most others I own) provides a different kind of burn for weight lifting in terms of many reps with lower weights, as opposed to three sets of twelve with heavier weights. Jackie also LOVES to focus on shoulders, which is definitely STILL a weak point of mine. I’ve never met a lateral raise that didn’t challenge me. By the third round of exercises, I was having a little trouble walking, cause my legs were so tired!

With only 30 minutes and only 60 seconds devoted to each compound move, it was definitely challenging and fast-paced. It’s great for anyone who claims they don’t have time to work out, because the way the moves are set up also provide a cardio challenge, interval style. Just another reason for me to continue indulging my girl crush on Jackie Warner.

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