A Wonderful Wisconsin Weekend

This past weekend, we took a family adventure trip to Wisconsin! We were celebrating my father-in-law’s birthday with some R&R, plus plenty of golf. While I am not an advanced player (read: I stink!), I had fun improving (ever so slightly) at the behest of the Morey coaches. I also, of course, love to drive the golf cart. The second part turned out to be great for me, as I was unable to golf the second day due to a mildly sprained ankle. There was plenty of other fun to focus on though, including bags, card games and cooking dinner! Welcome to a special “themed” episode of “Sights Unseen.” (It’s either three days late or four days early – totally your call)

Dan loved all my picture snapping as he tried to ready the golf cart and put his spikes on.

Two sistas READY for action! (This is pre-sprain, of course).

Like father, like son. Scary, no?

As Kristyn said, at least I was getting good elevation!

Like mother, like daughter. Their first drives were scarily close together (that happened multiple times, but we finally documented this one).

Plenty of yummy and local brews to power us through just about anything.

Penny loves getting a treat from the game meat store!

More delicious grilled veggies. Is that EGGPLANT I see on there!? 🙂

Lamb steaks. Wonderful cut of meat and grilled to perfection.

6 thoughts on “A Wonderful Wisconsin Weekend

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