Cupcake Booze

You might not think that this …

would be a great foundation for delicious birthday baked goods. But to put it simply: you would be wrong. For our Birthday Wisconsin Weekend, I set out to make some baked goods inspired by one of the birthday boy’s (and mine too!) favorite cocktails. A White Russian!

Kat came to my rescue by sending me a recipe that she had already tried out herself. A similar recipe can be found here.

I mixed the cake mix, booze and other (less important) ingredients, poured into my cupcake wrappers and stuck ’em in the oven! I had less of a problem with portion control in each individual cupcake this time – there was more than enough batter to go around, unlike with the Patriotic Cupcakes. For the second time in a row, I pulled them out of the oven at the perfect time!

Penny was an integral participant in this operation as well, but this time she seemed less concerned with supervising me, and more intent on EATING the final product.

She is quite a booze hound, and White Russians are seriously one of her favorites (with Eggnog as a close second). She howled at the cupcakes, pawed at the stove and whined, but don’t worry, I didn’t give in.

The cupcakes were a hit at the birthday celebration, although with the travel they were going to endure, I decided to forego making my own frosting this time. We purchased some buttercream frosting, added a bit of Kahlua, and topped the whole ordeal with some chocolate shavings. Divine. Alcohol AND cupcakes? I die.

Call me if you want to hang out for a drink/cupcake. No need to decide which. It’s all encompassing.

5 thoughts on “Cupcake Booze

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