Sights Unseen

It’s sort of cheating, since I already did a special edition of Sights Unseen with the Wisconsin pictures, but honestly, it’s my blog, so stop trying to get me in trouble! Just enjoy. 🙂

Dan is currently brewing a Pineapple IPA that he added some Burmese Tea to for an added twist. This was sent to us by my aunt and uncle who live in Thailand! Can’t wait to taste the beer.

Penny got a new collar! The classic struggle in our household (one we’d probably make it on Marriage Ref for) is about Penny’s attire. Dan doesn’t want her to wear clothes, I love buying her rain coats and parkas. Since she’s a girl, I deck her out in pink, but Dan says that it’s embarrassing for him to walk a small dog in pink gear. This collar epitomizes a compromise. Dan bought it for her, claiming that it made her look both tough and girly. Done and done.

Because of the lighting at the Two Brothers brewery/restaurant, this picture didn’t turn out all that well. But it still warrants featuring, since it features some of the best ladies around. Long live our tradition of taking girls pictures no matter where we are.

Here’s another, just in case you doubted the severe inabilities of my camera (I want a new one!)

Another step in the wedding process for Andrea! We went out bridesmaid dress shopping this week, and here we are, in front of the racks of choices!

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