Back to reality!

I’ve been missing in (and out of) action for the past week … on VACATION! You’re supposed to take breaks every now and then to recharge and rejuvenate, so I figured you guys could use a similar break from reading my blog 🙂 Now that I’m back, there’s lots to do! Back to a regular eating schedule and back to my modified workouts (my ankle still isn’t back to 100%). But first and most importantly, here are a few highlights from a wonderful trip to the California Coast.

We spent the first couple of days staying with the most wonderful hosts – Mike and Julie! They are just starting to get used to life with beautiful baby Mason, but in the short time that we were there, we fell in love with him instantaneously, so it probably hasn’t been too much of a hardship. 🙂 He’s so sweet and adorable.

We had lunch on the pier at Oceanside, but spent some time in the sun afterward, watching the surfers struggle with the waves. It was a perfect California day, lots of sun and very little humidity, which means the heat doesn’t feel oppressive, like it sometimes can here in Illinois.

The next day, we ventured over to LEGOLAND! It’s mostly for kids, but there was definitely a little bit of fun to be had for adults as well.

After traipsing around the park for the better part of the morning, we headed to one of Dan’s favorite west coast haunts – Pizza Port! They have a brewery onsite and tons of other draft beers to choose from, plus amazing and unique pizza options. It was my favorite meal of this vacation by far.

We even left with a growler filled with our favorite brew – Carlsbad Chronic. We tried plenty of others as well, plus we polished off all our pizzas. Divine.

Our friends Kat and Brian (who recently moved to Phoenix 😦 ) were kind enough to make the drive over to San Diego for the weekend while we were there, so we all got together for dinner and drinks one night. We tried out a newly opened restaurant in the downtown area called Searsucker. We sat in the lounge area (tables are at a premium in this place because it’s so new and highly acclaimed!) and enjoyed many “tapas style” plates among our group.

We tried out a few different bars in the San Diego area, but ended up at a joint called “Analog,” whose claim to fame was an entire wall made out of cassette tapes! Very cool, and we wasted no time finding all the ones that we used to own. Children born in the ’80’s, anyone?

Although the San Diego area has tons of amazing beach action, we didn’t end up spending too much time there. When we first made the plans for this trip, I had visions of surfing and paddleboarding in my head, but my sprained ankle had other ideas. Aside from the core, the ankles bear the majority of responsibility in any balancing activity, so it was a bit out of the question for me this time around. We did manage to spend a bit of time in the sun on the beach at Coronado Island with Kat and Brian. I was feeling a bit under the weather this  day, so unfortunately my picture taking skills were not in tip top condition, but while on the island, we enjoyed sushi, sunbathing and gelato!

This is taken from the bridge we used to get there:

The next few days were extremely fun family days. A lot of my dad’s family lives on the west coast and my brother had rented a beautiful beach house that was perfect for hosting barbeques. We reconnected, drank wine and grilled to our heart’s content. Unfortunately, I did not take a lot of photos to document this. Luckily, my mom snagged this gem of my dad and his siblings. See the resemblance?

Our stay about four blocks down from the beach made it quite convenient to walk to the shore to watch some magical sunsets on the jetty.

One other EXTREMELY amazing activity we participated in during our trip was a 14- mile bike ride through La Jolla (the part of San Diego we were staying in). It took us through the Pacific Beach boardwalk, Bird Rock, downtown La Jolla, and hit many high points along the way. We picked a beautiful day for it, and got to start our trip at the highest point in San Diego (it’s all downhill from here!)

I felt pretty lucky that my ankle held up as well as it did, both for this and all the walking in the sand I did during various points of the trip. It was good that I had a couple of weeks to heal before we took this vacation!

All in all, a very magical and special trip that we made lovely memories on and will miss for many moons to come!



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