Why Wine Does Not Lead to Decisions

Wine is good for many things. It is NOT good for making decisions. Whenever Dan and I have the luxury of free time on Friday nights, we are like kids in a candy store. We hop around from idea to idea, barely stopping to explore any one option. This past Friday was no different, but in order to do what I do best, we found a great way to procrastinate. Dan says, “I’ll get some wine and cheese for us to enjoy while we discuss our plans for the evening.”

To be honest, I would have been content with THIS as our plans for the evening. Dan selected a delectable array of frommage, and the wine was delicious as well! As we noshed, we brainstormed. We discussed going to dinner, going to the movies, going golfing, going bowling, buying a puzzle at Target, renting a movie, getting take out … we had an inexhaustible amount of options. Many moons later, almost by default, we settled on takeout and renting a movie. I think after all the wine and cheese, we wanted the path of least resistance. In honor of Ramadan, we took our first foray into INDIAN food! The rumors are true. It’s really spicy.

It doesn’t look very appealing, but it was delicious! We ordered a spicy mutton (braised lamb) dish and a spinach/potato concoction. We soaked up each one with our naan, but should have ordered more than one, since that was the first thing we ran out of!

The entertainment was good, but definitely not the best movies we have seen lately. We watched The Rite, with Anthony Hopkins.

And also No Strings Attached:

They were both good, but neither were unforgettable. The Rite was DEFINITELY creepy, but Anthony Hopkins rules the land of creepy. No Strings Attached was cute and funny, but I have a feeling I might enjoy the new version, Friends with Benefits, even more. I LOVE Mila Kunis!

One thought on “Why Wine Does Not Lead to Decisions

  1. Oh, yummmmmm Indian food! Now that you have forayed into that cuisine, we will have to go to my favorite place out here when you visit next!

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