Summer Entertaining

This season makes having fun so easy. So many things are better when enjoyed outside, and summer is the perfect time for that. Although it’s been done before, like here, it never gets old. For our most recent summer entertaining venture, we decided on a menu filled with food we’ve never made before. Risky, non?

With Andrea and Kris as our willing guinea pigs, we started with a bit of a new spin on an old favorite:

The avocados we picked up weren’t quite ripe, so instead of making a creamy dip, we just left the fruit chunky, added black beans, jalapeno and feta to create our appetizer.

Only taking the time to enjoy a few bites, Dan wasted no time firing up the grill. We had a very special entree in mind! As one of our bridal showers, we received a stand to create the perfect beer can chicken. We had never put it to use, and decided this was a great time to do so. Unfortunately, we felt that we would need more than one chicken to feed our crowd, so one chicken had to man up and perch on a can with no stand.

Unfortunately, the standless chicken did take a tragic fall just before this picture was taken. We all rushed to triage the situation, and he was saved, thankfully.

While all this chaos was happening, I was in the kitchen, roasting up a storm. Red potatoes, red peppers and mushrooms! The recipe also called for red onions, but Miss Andrea is allergic to those, so we left ’em out this time.

With it being so hot out, we had to balance the meal out somehow. We opted to serve a chilled summer salad of watermelon, which we served with basil and feta. I originally got the idea from Julie at Peanut Butter Fingers, but we couldn’t find any arugula, so we modified a bit.

We even set our table like real adults, placemats and all. It was a sight to behold for sure.

After several games of Euchre and rounds of Catch Phrase … we really go the party going! Dan brought out a concoction he had created on a whim – jalapeno vodka! To make it, he chopped up two jalapenos (finely chopped) and put them in a strainer. Then he (very slowly) poured vodka through the strainer into a glass. This sat chilling in the freezer until it was time to break it out. The boys LOVED it.

Andrea and I were optimistic at the outset.

It was definitely a strong flavor! Andrea and I decided to stick with dessert. I had started preparing them early in the afternoon to make sure they were ready …

Beautiful fruit became …

Once they were frozen, I added them plus a scoop of vanilla ice cream to … CHAMPAGNE! Champagne floats! I wish I’d gotten a better picture, so sorry for the terrible quality.

Penny got to enjoy her own dessert.

Frosty Paws! It’s summer for her too, after all. She was super busy with her treat for about 15 minutes, but right after, she went into an almost immediate puppy food coma.

i need a nap.

It contained all the fabulous elements that a summer weekend night should. All I ask is that these two not move next week. Is that too much to ask? I think not. Penny is on the same page.

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