Sights Unseen

Lots of summer fun going on recently – here are a few behind the scenes shots!

Our family has been on a Euchre kick lately, thanks to Andrea for helping us remember the rules and keeping us on track! 🙂

This is a picture of Dan at the airport right before we took off to go to California. He spent most of the trip like this – with his hand in that backpack looking for something. I told him he needs a bag with POCKETS 🙂

This is Charlie – we met him while we were in Oceanside. He sits on this garbage can and poses pretty for all the annoying tourists who want to take pictures of him.

Mike and Julie, in addition to having a baby, have two cats. This one likes to sleep in the baby’s bed. He’s feeling a little jealous of all the attention being given to Mason.

We finished our dinner at Searsucker with some espresso (mostly to keep me going through the night ’cause I’m kind of an old person sometimes), and took a picture, pinkies up. Scarily, Dan looks like he is the best at this.

Such a cute picture of Dan and I. And our pet PBR.

Mike is such a great (and sometimes totally ridiculous) daddy.


Happy Friday! Does anyone have any fabulous plans? Feel free to brag about ’em.

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