Roughing It

This weekend, we decided to rough it. In honor of Andrea and Kris’ last weekend as Illinois residents, as well as a couple of special birthdays, a whole gaggle of us scooted ourselves up to Wisconsin for a camping trip. We sat around the campfire, made s’mores and extricated ourselves from the hectic and stressful demands of real life. We drank wine and beer while eating burgers and eggs made on a camping stove. We didn’t shower or talk on the phone and no one had a laptop. It was a gloriously unplugged vacation – a theme I think should be incorporated into life a little more frequently for the sake of sanity.

Andrea’s marshmallow toasting abilities are second to none.

Kris contributed a delicious bean cheese dip – the perfect camping appetizer.

All the girls had an especially good time watching the guys “play” football and frisbee (sidenote: they got the frisbee caught in towering trees three or four times before losing it completely).

We went on a glorious float trip as well, drifting downstream with two rafts solely dedicated to our coolers. Because it was a weekend of relaxation, I shirked a bit on my documentation and picture taking duties. Hopefully the ones above are enough to convey the essence of our festivities and maybe they make you feel relaxed just looking at them! For your sake, I hope they do.

2 thoughts on “Roughing It

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