Sights Unseen

This week has been crazy with a capital ‘F.’ (For anyone not familiar with my humor, the ‘F’ stands for the expletive that would normally precede crazy.) But, amidst the nuttiness, the show must go on. And so, I give you the Friday special. Luckily for me, Penny’s week was just jam-packed as mine. She started out with an extensive to-do list.

Unfortunately, much like her mother, she has been cursed with the tendency to procrastinate.

She spent a great deal of time sitting around pouting before she got going on her chores. And when she did ramp up, she was met with quite a bit of opposition.

For example, Dan tried to steal her Frosty Paws. Not cool, Dad. Hand paw it over.

My dad wouldn’t give her back her rhinoceros. This was a tragedy of steep proportions.

Whew. I’m glad I don’t have to live her life. What a constant struggle. And she had it coming at her from all sides.

That might look relaxing, but she is fighting my mom tooth and nail to get the hell out of her arms. And the second she was back on the ground, another conflict awaited her.

She had JUST gotten the rhinoceros back from Pops when Dan comes along and swipes it!

All of this has left her feeling pretty drained.

And so, this weekend, Penny has high hopes of getting mom and dad out of the house so she can catch up on some much anticipated shuteye.

Lucky for her, we have plans.

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