Things I’ll Pine for when Summer’s Gone

Out of all the seasons, summer seems to go by the fastest (especially in Chicago where winter can feel ENDLESS). There have been so many amazing vacations, events, get togethers and celebrations going on this year that have made this particular summer decidedly amazing. It’s been a pleasant mix of laid back and planned fun, but there are several summer staples that I always miss (and stretch out into the fall as much as I possibly can!)


With so many amazing options and recipes to try out, this is truly a summer imperative. Recent triumphs in this realm include…

Grilled chicken stuffed with all kinds of yummy ingredients: cheese, spinach, peppers, tomatoes…

Burgers on focaccia  with cheese, pickles and avocado. Let the mouth watering COMMENCE!


Some of my faves are the sangria and champagne floats, but almost nothing beats a margarita on a hot day – especially if it’s chilled with a fruit cube!


Nothing ever seems quite so laid back as a summer afternoon with no particular plan in mind. It doesn’t happen a lot in our household, but when it does, the stars align 🙂


It never seems quite as easy to healthfully as it does during the summer. Beautiful, appealing produce is abundant and all you want to do is snack on it poolside. With winter, along with sweaters, comes the desire to eat pound after pound of pasta.


Luckily, the upshot of this whole situation is this:


No matter what the season, there are things to appreciate, and things that just plain suck. But as long as we’re focusing on the positive, I am VERY excited about many things for fall too …. 🙂

One thought on “Things I’ll Pine for when Summer’s Gone

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