S’more Cupcakes, please!

Alright, if you insist. 🙂

Recently, we headed out on a ‘lil camping trip to celebrate a couple of VIPs’ birthdays. Not being one to miss out on the opportunity to perpetuate a theme, I volunteered to make some camp-inspired treats. I did a bit of searching online (I can’t even imagine how I ever would have found so many interesting recipes before the Internet days!) and found this gem on Annie’s Eats. After reading through all the components of the dessert, I became a little apprehensive about the complexity involved, so I asked my mom if she would supervise the operation. No one wants their birthday ruined by a sub-par cupcake, after all. We assembled our necessary ingredients and got started.

The layered effect involved in making these cupcakes is one factor that makes them a bit more elaborate. To really simulate everyone’s favorite campfire treat, you start with a base of graham cracker crust, which is followed up by a layer of chocolate and then topped with the cake part. After describing the mission to my family, everyone was kind enough to take on a task, which made the preparation a lot easier and more fun.

Dan headed up the choco-chopping.

My mom’s cousin, Maureen helped by taking the graham cracker mixture we created and pressing it in to the bottoms of the cupcake liners.

My mom manned the Kitchen Aid and added the ingredients as I shouted them from across the room.

Putting these little guys together was hard work, but we soldiered through. By the end of the process, we discussed and evaluated the frosting situation and decided that while it looked absolutely delicious, the marshmallow meringue called for in my recipe wouldn’t travel very well or hold up under tough camping conditions. Instead, I picked up a container of plain ‘ol white frosting and called it a day. I’m a cheater, I admit it. Still, all in all, these cupcakes were a smash hit with anyone that tried them! I will definitely re-attempt them at some point with the real frosting on my list of musts.

3 thoughts on “S’more Cupcakes, please!

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