Andrea’s Surprise Party

Even though no one wants to admit it out loud, this past weekend was Andrea’s last one here in Illinois. Technically, she and Kris moved LAST weekend, but she had some business to attend to for her job and she stayed with Dan and I all last week (yay!). As a result, she was able to attend my parent’s annual (this is the third year) bags and BBQ party. They invite some of our family, some of Dan’s family, and we all get together for a bags tournament and good food. Because this years’ fell on the day before Andrea’s departure, we all joked around that it was her surprise going away party. She knew about it ahead of time, of course, but we try to make our guests feel special. This year was another rousing success, which I’m pretty sure resulted in the Morey’s (Dan’s parents) third straight domination in bags. Everyone else is powerless against them.

Penny kicked off the afternoon with a nice cold beverage. She chose Diet Coke, but most of the party enjoyed “Hop, Skips,” a delightful mixture of lemonade, beer, vodka and Sprite. If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend picking one up.

Because skill in the games of bags is a genetic trait, Dan is also very talented. I recruited him for my team right off the bat, but even he couldn’t save us.

Despite the embarrassment we all felt at the hand of my in-laws, we had a great day. It was filled to the brim with laughter and interesting conversation. Can’t wait until next year’s bags tournament – I’ll be practicing until then!

All of our bag playing made Penny very tired.

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