Sights Unseen

Everyone loves a good Friday, but a Friday before a long, holiday weekend? Fuggedaboutit! (see one of my favorite movies – Donnie Brasco for clarification on this reference). So, make sure you smile a little more at these pictures today, because even if you don’t really like them. It’s Labor Day weekend! 🙂

Putting in a little face time with Penny. Talk about up close and PERSONAL!

This was one of the most precarious Jenga “boards” I’ve ever played on (I don’t play a lot). It was also on a wobbly table, so I was EXTRA glad I wasn’t the one that knocked it over (I think Dan was?)

I celebrated my eventual ability to get a Bulls eye whilst playing darts. Dan and I have decided that this picture sums up our relationship quite well. Me getting super excited over nothing while he is the calm and practical one. (Unless of course, he’s talking about a documentary about how shoelaces are made).

What a beautiful couple! It was recently both Brad AND Jill’s birthdays. We went out to dinner to celebrate. Happy Birfday, kids!

1. I miss Andrea a lot (she is really gone. sniff.)
2. This is the face Andrea gives me when I’ve taken far too many pictures of her (there was an entire series on how she throws darts documented on my camera).


That’s all, folks! Live it up!

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