Wines of Late

I definitely feel like I’ve been neglecting the wine portion of this blog lately, but that does NOT mean we have not been drinking it. It’s a wonderful time of year (summer/fall) where basically anything goes, and the wine we drink matches the mood we’re in – red, white, etc!

My favorite summertime white is a good Sauvignon Blanc. One of my favorites that is not TOO expensive (read: average of 12 bucks a bottle) is Starborough! I like it because you can find it in most stores (and did I mention that it’s reasonably priced?!)

I love Sauvs because they are smooth without being too sweet or too dry. To me, they same like the perfect combination for a summer wine. They go with pretty much everything (I”m not too picky about my wine/food pairings, but I’ve had this guy with steak, chicken, salmon, veggies and all by its little lonesome).

IF you are able/want to splurge a little more on your SB, another great option (albeit a little overplayed) is Cakebread.


I will let you in on a little secret though – me to you. With Sauvs, the price isn’t that important to me. Even cheapies (think Barefoot, Yellowtail and the like … ) taste pretty good to me. If I’m gonna have a cheapo wine, it’ll be a Sauv. It tastes much better to me than an inexpensive Chardonnay or Pinto Grigio.

On to the reds! It’s fall, so the time has come to break back in the red, red wine. Dan and I have major differences of opinion on this matter. He LOVES the strong taste of a Cab, whereas I’m more a subtle red wine drinker – I love me some Pinot Noir. My favorite characteristic of this particular varietal are the subtle (and fruity!) differences in each one. From blackberries and raspberries to cherries and chocolate, Pinots allow the most unique and diverse of flavor combinations. Like the aforementioned Sauvignon Blanc, this type of wine goes with almost ANY food and can certainly be enjoyed on its own. It’s perfect for the fall, sitting around a bonfire, but tastes just as good on a cooler summer evening in early September. It can last all the way through the winter (if you ask me) because it’s just THAT versatile. Some of my favorite kinds? The first is one of the vineyards we visited on our honeymoon to Napa. Artesa!

It’s so smooth and complex. We’ve had SO many times since our trip, and I could honestly never get sick of it. It definitely brings back wonderful memories from our adventures on the actual winery, but the taste is SO good, that I would drink it anyway! I’m just glad they have such wide distribution out here in the Midwest. A lot of the wineries we went to do not have that same attribute.

In the way of Pinot Noirs, I ALSO love La Crema. I had it for the first time at an Italian restaurant a while back, and I have loved its smooth taste ever since.

It tastes very velvety.

What kinds of transitional (summer to fall) wines do YOU like to imbibe?

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