Sights Unseen

Welcome to the close of yet another fabulous week! I am even more excited about this week’s picture post, because SOON I will have much higher quality images (hopefully) as a result of my NEW camera (We went with a Canon Rebel T2i) and the photography class that my mom and I are embarking upon. Stay tuned 🙂 Because whenever he’s around a dartboard, Dan just can’t help but let his artsy photographic side out to play. He’s inspired by a good bulls eye. When we eat on the deck, Penny’s begging is OUT of control (especially around my mom … wonder why that is!) So we put her outside the gate. She does her best to look pathetic to get people to let her in, feed her through the gate, etc. We thought she topped out in the above photo. We were wrong. This was much sadder/more adorable. I bet you guys didn’t know that Penny was a tennis pro. Her and Dan know how to bat the ball around with the best of ’em. Because I don’t think pictures cut it in this situation, I’m going to share my first ever attempt at a video on the blog. Bear with me. Thanks.

Penny gets her cardio in the 95 degree heat by pounding pavement.

Unfortunately, after only a few runs back and forth … she was ready to surrender. Tired puppy. Don’t worry – she’ll be back for more this weekend. She chases the burn!

One thought on “Sights Unseen

  1. Yes, this is enough for me. Thank you! Loved the videos. Also, you know I love that under that gate shot. Dan’s dart board is interesting and inspiring!!

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