Substitutions All Around

Recently, I dedicated an entire blog post to my love for everything Clean Eating Magazine. The truth is that we frequently dine on deliciousness inspired by this publication, but sometimes, we don’t exactly stay on script. Our recent attempt at this recipe of Poblano Rice with Shrimp was just such an example. When we were at the store at the beginning of the week, we gathered most of the ingredients, but neglected to pick up cilantro, jalapenos or sunflower seeds. We also didn’t want to use rice – we were more in a Soba Noodle kind of mood. The following is what ensued.

We started by slicing up the poblano peppers in accordance with the instructions – halved lengthwise, take out the seeds.

We popped those in the broiler to roast, and got to work on other projects. Like … de-frosting our shrimp.

Aaaaaaaaand feeding Penny.

(By the way, that is how she pouts if you are late in feeding her dinner. So if you are ever puppy sitting and you get that stare … it means she’s ready to eat!)

We got our noodles all boiled and drained, ready to go.

We sample the noodles (you know, instead of throwing them against the wall to make sure they are cooked properly.)

Penny didn’t want to take our word for it.

We took the peppers out and let them steam in a bowl with plastic wrap on top, JUST like the instructions said to.

Then we broke out the trusty ‘ol food processor to make our cilantro, sunflower seed substitute. We used kale, coriander, parsley, pumpkin seeds, olive oil and lime juice!

The whole deal turned out perfectly, as you can see below:

Rest assured, we won’t hesitate to substitute more in the future!

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