One year, only a week late

Last Sunday, Dan and I celebrated a very exciting milestone. Our first anniversary! I’m tempted to fill this post with fun photos from our amazing wedding day from 2010 that we spent surrounded by the most wonderful friends and family anyone could ask for, BUT instead, I’m going to focus on the present, and how we celebrated this event. We discussed going out for dinner and even made reservations at one of our favorite restaurants (Seasons 52 – yum!). In the end, though, we realized that we love to cook together and we rarely enjoy a meal so much as one we’ve prepared ourselves. With that settled, we headed to Whole Foods and spared no expense in creating a festive meal to celebrate our marriage.

We started the evening by opening a bottle of wine that we have been saving for YEARS. Dan found this Morey namesake wine in a liquor store a while back and decided it should be saved for a special occasion.

A perfect complement to our vino was a hand-selected platter of cheese and olives.

We picked a softer, goat’s milk cheese and then a harder sheep’s milk cheese plus a random sampling from the olive bar. It all paired perfectly with our wine course.

We continued to snack as we started preparing our next course – steamed mussels! While I am a big fan of mollusks in general (clams? yes please!), I had never made them at home. We created a broth of white wine, coconut milk and some garlic, and the rest was honestly EXTREMELY simple. Here is the recipe we followed (loosely).

With some crusty baguette-ish bread, this was another winning course in our meal. We barely had time to stop to enjoy it before we were on to our next project. The main course! Originally, we had selected two recipes that we liked, based on what was available at Whole Foods. One dish featured duck (one of my faves!) while the other was a veal recipe. Unfortunately, when we arrived at Whole Foods, neither was to be found! We ended up with two delicious cuts of grass-fed Filet Mignon. Since our sides were originally decided by the main course, we had to make a seat-of-the-pants decision about this as well. We selected pearlized cous-cous with a vegetable medley (radishes, artichoke hearts and a diverse array of wild mushrooms).

Despite the tribulations, the end result was melt-in-your-mouth fantastic.


This dinner was epic. As such, I will devote a separate post to the actual anniversary. But this meal was just in a league of its own. I’m just sorry it took me so long to share it with you.


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