Although my favorite variety of squash is pumpkin, butternut squash is not far behind on the scale of deliciousness. When fall rolls around, I start craving all kinds of fall harvested vegetables. Dan gets sick of pumpkin fairly quickly (I KNOW, what’s wrong with him!?), so I mix it up with squash. The below is a “quick” squash soup recipe that we made on a weeknight. There are quotes around quick because honestly, I’ve never found a good soup recipe that’s that quick. Maybe some day.

This recipe originated in Cooking Light, and turned out to be absolutely delicious. I was tempted to just eat the squash out of the roasting pan once it was done, but luckily I restrained myself enough to make the soup. We served the soup with grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches.

I only wish we had made more of it. I always regret not making more of any soup since you go to so much trouble to make it – it would be great to have tons leftover to freeze. One day, I’ll learn!

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