Just one holiday DIY

Friday night marked the annual Christmas decoration festivities in the Morey household. We ordered some sushi, mixed up margaritas, popped in “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” and went to town.

I’m not sure what makes this year different than any other, but this weekend, I got bitten by the DIY bug. It could have been my trip through the Naperville Cup of Cheer, or my continued obsession with perusing Pinterest, but whatever the cause – I started lining up my projects.

First up? Re-create a gem I found via Pinterest on this blog. A secondary Christmas tree for our bedroom. We headed out to hardware store in search of a tomato cage. No luck at Menard’s, but happily, Home Depot saved the day. The planter wasn’t EXACTLY what we were looking for, but with the help of some green electrical tape, we were able to bend the frame into a tree shape.

Then, I got to work – “decorating” it.

Lights, garland …

After a lot of twisting and taping, the whole process was complete and we had ourselves a new tree!

Hopefully, many more projects coming up!

One thought on “Just one holiday DIY

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