I made more holiday crafts this year than EVER before. My first feeble attempt can be found here. I also decided to make some fun and festive gifts for the people that work so hard alongside me at work! Inspired by the success of the birthday bark I made back in September, I decided to put together some holiday Peppermint Bark!

I melted dark chocolate (I am now a pro, having learned from my first melting mishap). I spread it out on the cookie sheet with some foil underneath. After letting it set up in the freezer, I topped it with white chocolate in the same manner, this time throwing in some crushed up peppermint candy canes. The end result LOOKS (and tastes 🙂 ) absolutely fantastic.

I made labels (with my new program, Pixelmator! anyone have any suggestions about good ways to use this program? I’m still learning) and used some pretty awesome jelly jars to package the whole deal.

I hope they are a huge hit in the office!

2 thoughts on “ANOTHER Christmas DIY

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